Research & Analysis Reports

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1 Clinical Analysis thay cho muc so 8 trong research report 21/03/2014
2 Dried Golden Cordyceps Cordycepin Content Analysis 02/10/2013
3 Dry Powder Golden Cordyceps Analysis 02/10/2013
4 Quantification of Cordycepin Golden Cordyceps 02/10/2013
5 Cordyceps Bassiana - Atopic Dermatitis (Journal of Ethnopharmacology) 26/09/2013
6 Cordyceps Bassiana - Atopic Dermatitis (Informa Health Care) 26/09/2013
7 Cordycepin effective in inhibiting platelet (European Journal of Pharmacology) 26/09/2013
8 Cordycepin effective in inhibiting platelet (European Journal of Pharmacology) 26/09/2013
9 Benefits of Cordyceps Militaris (Kangwon National University) 26/09/2013
Sung Jae Mo’s Golden Cordyceps; incubate from the most excellent wild Cordyceps, contains natural substances called CORDYCEPIN, CORDYCEPIN ACID, POLYSACCARIDE, SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE, VITAMINS, 18 AMINO ACIDS, MILITARIN and many more micronutrients. These substances purify blood, enhance immune system, and increase overall energy.

We have compared content analysis with Sung Jae Mo's Golden Cordyceps versus Chinese Cordyceps Sinensis that is most widely used Cordyceps in the market today. Also, we compared same analysis with Chinese Cordyceps Militaris. We found that PhD. Sung's Golden Cordyceps contain 4 times more Cordycepin than others.

Note that most of the Cordyceps in the market have no origin or content verification.
Sung Jae Mo’s Golden Cordyceps is certified 100% Organic by Korean Agricultural Quality Control. It is safe, clean, and healthy for whole family.

Family site: Cordyceps USA Golden Cordyceps